Vinhos Norte Cruzeiro Branco Vinho Verde 2012 is selected as one of four "Top-Rated Branded Wines for Warm-Weather Sipping" in Wine Enthusiast Magazine's April 2014 issue! 


In an April feature story "Portugal's Green Revolution," Wine Enthusiast's Roger Voss examined "the other side of Vinho Verde." Voss described the region’s dry wines as "sophisticated, mineral and elegant, while remaining fruity and relatively low in alcohol." Voss also cited Vinho Verde whites as his "favorite white wines for the summer months, because they are so accessible."


Featured on Snooth! "The White Wines of Portugal | Exciting diversity and discoveries just in time for summer" 


"I’ll be trying plenty of these under the radar wines over the coming months but today I’d like to kick things off with a small sampling of white wines from Portugal. As you may know I am a big fan of Portuguese reds. They offer great value and represent one of the last bastions of affordable, classical table wines in the marketplace. Portuguese whites are in some ways similar, but drawing as they tend to form a portfolio of unknown grapes they offer our palates new experiences, while still tending to hew closely to the traditional styles that I tend to prefer." 


2012 Herdade da Comporta Chao das Rolas Branco Peninsula de Setubal Portugal

"A blend of Arinto Vaz and Fernão-Pires And now for something completely different. This offers up aromas of quinine and medicine, with great big dried grass notes and sweetly oxidized aromas of fermenting apples and a touch of pine with a butcher’s wax topnote of volatility. In the mouth this tells a different story, fresh, edgy and bright with fine acids supporting clean, if slightly simple fruit but on the backend the aromas from the nose come into play adding in nuances of aged fruit and a touch of a hoppy floral character. The finish is long and precise, with much of the odd character dissipating, replaced by subtle sandy mineral notes and a fine edge of slightly creamy citrus fruit. A bit of an oddball of a wine but not without appeal."

May 8, 2014 Gregory Dal Piaz


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The Latin Kitchen picks Alente as a top white wine for Spring 2014! 


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